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How to fix gut health

Helping women on their journey to healing their gut to improve every area of their health.

The journey to improving gut health

'How to fix gut health' is one of the most common questions I get asked. When I first started practising as a nutritionist I decided to work in the area of women’s health because of the way that hormone imbalances had affected my own health. Very quickly I realised that I cannot claim to treat the whole person without acknowledging the very important role our gut health plays in not only our hormone health but in our overall health and wellbeing.

Issues with digestion such as reflux, abdominal cramping and bloating, changes to stools and excessive gas can all be related back to the balance of our gut microbiome (our gut environment) as well as inflammation within the gut caused by these imbalances.

Our gut health also has a huge impact on food intolerances, thyroid health, weight gain, low energy and brain fog, anxiety and depression, women's health issues such as PCOS and Endometriosis and much more.
How to fix gut health with Mel Finlay

How to fix gut health and start feeling better

The gut is truly the epicentre of our health
In my investigative process through my programs,  I will often use tools such as stool testing, breath testing as well as looking at blood work to give me a holistic view of what is happening internally with your digestion, and how this may be impacting on the rest of your body. Often when digestion is poor we stop absorbing nutrients properly and hormone production can be disrupted. Testing can help to guide the course of treatment and where treatment should be targeted so that results happen as quickly and as efficiently as possible.
Treatment for gut health issues can look like targeted nutrient and herbal supplementation, dietary changes and improvements as well as looking at lifestyle factors like stress and movement.

Healing the gut, and how to fix gut health, can be quite a journey, one I have been on myself. That’s why I’m so passionate about helping women on their own journeys to healing their gut to improve every area of their health.
I've helped hundreds of women overcome their symptoms as a women's health specialist in nutrition, where we focus on symptoms such as brain fog and weight gain.

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"Mel's approach is powerful in its simplicity - it's all about making informed choices and enjoying what you eat, which I think is the way to create long-lasting change."

I started working with Mel as I had let my health slip in the first year postpartum and was keen to get myself back on track.

Through working with Mel over a few months, I noticed a massive increase in my energy and vitality and my blood test results for inflammation, cholesterol, vitamin D and thyroid function significantly improved.
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