6 Week Mini Women's Health Package


This package is a smaller version of my signature package, and is designed for women who perhaps have not been diagnosed with a specific condition, but are struggling with their health in areas such as energy and mental clarity, periods problems such as PMS, bloating and digestive issues, and coming to a healthy weight range.


I help you understand the root causes for what you’re going through, and together we start working towards re-aligning your health so that you can live a life full of energy and without pain. I show you specifically what foods and nutrients will help you to realign your health, and how lifestyle also plays a role in your recovery. I show you how this can look for you for your specific needs and in your unique life.


The results of working with me will be clear. You’ll have the energy and mental clarity to thrive, because we have addressed the underlying causes for your condition. The symptoms that were preventing you from being able to access the energy and happiness you’re seeking will be controlled or completely eliminated, so you can get on with doing all the things that bring you joy in your life.

















The Package:


We work together for 6 weeks, meeting fortnightly. In this time I work to understand your complete health history, the issues you are facing and what the underlying factors and considerations are when coming up with your treatment plan.


I may look at organising pathology testing for you, or referring you to your GP for medicare rebated tests. These tests can show me a lot about what is going on in your body, along with the symptoms you’re experiencing.  Correcting nutrient deficiencies and ensuring nutrient and hormone levels are optimal is a big step in the process to feeling better. I will organise a letter for your GP so they fully understand the work we are doing to treat your health issues.


I may also prescribe nutritional supplements to correct any deficiencies that could be leading to unwanted symptoms, as well as to help us target imbalances that could be contributing to your health issues.


Between consults you will have my full support as you start to implement the changes to your eating and lifestyle habits. I believe that this is the time when my support is the most needed. This is when questions will come up that should be addressed quickly so you can continue to implement, rather than wait until our next appointment. 


By the end of our time together, you will have a clear picture of how to eat to nurture and support your body to feel energised and without debilitating symptoms. How you feel at the end of our time will be vastly different from how you were feeling when we began our work together.

The Details:


  • An initial consult (60 minutes) plus 2 follow on consults (45 minutes) via zoom, we meet fortnightly.

  • Action plan sent to you after each consultation to keep you progressing towards your goal.

  • A tailored letter to your regular doctor about our work, and requesting any pathology we need for your treatment, to take the stress out of having to know what to ask for.

  • Access to online resources, worksheets and lessons that are relevant to you in your health journey.

  • 24/7 access to my online recipe library for the duration of your package, full of balanced meals and snacks, helping you to implement your learning.

  • Unlimited support from me between consults for questions, support and encouragement.



(Prices effective 1/1/2021)

2 x payments of $300.00 AUD (Total $600)

*Health insurance rebates are available for Nutritional Medicine/ Nutritional Services depending on your level of cover and provider in Australia. (Not covered by Medicare or GP approved care plans)

To ask any questions or book a discovery call to discuss this package click here to contact me.