Preparation is the key to better Health

Trying to eat healthier for better wellbeing, whilst in the long term makes us feel so much better both physically and mentally, can be a real energy drainer if we feel like we are spending all of our time in the kitchen and not in our actual lives.

The fact is, eating healthier does require more effort and planning than if we were to eat fast and convenient foods all the time. So here are my top tips to help you plan and prepare some of your food ahead of time, which in our busy worlds is going to ensure we are sticking to our goals of eating for better health.

1. On the weekend, create a meal plan for the week ahead and write out your shopping list. Go and get everything you need for the whole week so that you're not having to race to the shops after work to grab things, and the mental energy and thinking about what you're going to eat is already done for you. You don't have to worry about it at all during your busy week. It also means that you won't be tempted to visit the junk food aisle after work when you're hungry for dinner and tired from your day!

2. Prep your breakfast the night before so you can grab it out of the fridge and take it to work with you. Or if you're at home with kids you've still got something prepared for yourself that you may find 5 minutes to sit down and eat! This is why i love chia puddings or toasted muesli and yoghurt. Throw it into a jar or container the night before and its ready to go. You can even make a couple at a time so that you're not prepping every night. I'll be posting my go to Muesli recipe on the blog soon.

3. Make use of your leftovers. Whatever you're making for dinner, increase the quantities so that you're guaranteed to have enough to put into a container to take with you for lunch the next day. It's so much easier than prepping a whole other meal.

4. If you have a slow-cooker take it out from the back of the cupboard and dust it off! If you don't have one I highly recommend them. They don't even have to be very expensive. Mine cost $30 from Aldi. (I love special buys!) Using a slow cooker is not only a healthy way to cook meat as it breaks it down for easier digestion, but we can turn it on and forget about it until dinner time and then you're all sorted. If you have one with a timer, you can prep the meal the night before and put the inner ceramic part in the fridge overnight, then come morning just take it out and set it to come on. You'll walk through the door to a delicious slow cooked meal and your house will smell amazing!

5. Make full use of your fridge and freezer by stocking it with ready made meals and snacks. Curries and stir fry's are good freezer options. Just pull one from the freezer in the morning and it will be defrosted by the evening. Then you can just cook your quinoa or noodles etc and you're good to go. Pre chopping veggies ahead of time and storing in containers with a little bit of water so they don't dry out is also a great time saver for use in meals or as a snack with hummus or nut butter.

So there are my top tips for preparing for a healthy week ahead. What are yours? Let me know over on Facebook!

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