My First Trimester with Baby Finlay the Second

I found out I was pregnant a couple of weeks or so after we moved into our new house. The move had been pretty hectic and stressful as we first had to move everything out of our old place, then stay at my mums house around the corner for a week before moving into our new place, so that meant moving everything into and then out of storage- total pain in the ass. So in the busyness of all of that those couple of weeks where you know there’s a possibility of being pregnant but way to early to tell kind of flew by.

The night before I took the test, I felt some low pains in my uterus, like dull achey pains that came and went. The same thing happened to me at the same time with Percy, so as I sat on the couch drinking a class of Sav b, I thought to myself “hmmm this could well be the last glass of wine I have in while” and I decided to take an early test the next day.

I woke up and took the test, and sure enough the faintest of faint double lines appeared. I knew it. As I was looking at the test Percy burst into the bathroom and took it from me! So I said “go show Dad”. I followed him out to the kitchen to where Aidan was and saw him hand the test over saying “Dadda”. Aidan was confused for a good minute until I explained to him I had just taken it, and yes it was positive. Big smiles and kisses all round ensued. Then Aidan decided the line was too faint to guarantee a positive, but I know there are only false negatives. I reassured him I’ll take another one in a few days to be certain.

It was a work day for me, so we continued the usual work day routine as normal but with perhaps a slightly brighter bounce in our step.

I took another test the morning before period due date, this time with one of those digital tests and it popped up “pregnant 1-2 weeks” so there you go it was officially official.

A few weeks went by with no pregnancy symptoms other than that happy feeling of having a nice secret just between us. I did tell my close friends pretty soon after, even though I was so excited I was still very aware of the miscarriage risks this early on in the pregnancy. With Percy I didn’t really allow myself to feel too excited until we hit the 12 week mark, this time I felt the same way- excited but not letting myself get too invested just in case. I can’t imagine how heartbreaking it would be to go through something like that. I know that I would be devastated.

The morning before clicking over to 6 weeks pregnant I woke up feeling like I’d had 12 wines the night before. Hungover and sick to my stomach, and SO tired. I learned later on that it’s around the 6 week mark that the placenta starts to form and take over the work for providing nutrients and blood to the baby, so its a really big time in the pregnancy, no wonder it’s exhausting!

Unfortunately the sick and tired feeling hung around for the next 7 weeks or so on and off, and quite often would come in big waves resulting in me running for the toilet to bring up my last meal- or even just water or bile. I hate throwing up and have always tried to breathe through nausea in the past if i’m feeling sick. With this morning sickness though there was no keeping it back. It also wouldn’t really help get rid of the intense nausea. I knew that if I started the day throwing up it was going to be a bad day morning sickness wise.

I did find a few things would help me get through the nausea, if only temporarily it was still good to get a tiny bit of relief.

Natural Ginger tablets were my go to for quick relief, specifically a brand called Nature’s Sunshine ginger tablets for calming motion sickness. Ginger is a known natural remedy for nausea and I find it really works for me, some mums have told me that it does nothing for them, so I consider myself lucky.

Ginger tea is also helpful but I find it only really curbs the nausea as I’m drinking it, it doesn’t have lasting effects. I like the T2 loose leaf ginger tea and Pure Harvest Organic Ginger tea. The tea bags were useful for throwing in my work bag to help me out in the office. I found in those early weeks constantly nibbling on rice crackers was really helpful, and also I really craved salt and vinegar rice crackers! I found that I had really strong cravings for things if I did have cravings, and potato chips, both hot fries and packet chips were my number one craving.

I cannot tell you how many times I went through maccas drive through during this time.. it was a shamefully large amount. Particularly because I don’t think i’d stepped foot onto a Macdonald’s premises for probably over a year. But those fries.. my god. I’d order them fresh too so they were extra hot and salty. They just hit the spot and settled my tummy a little too. So they became quite addictive.. not to mention a big mac! Mac sauce mmmmmm….

Now as a Nutritionist I can tell you that this is obviously not the most amazing diet to follow in the first trimester of pregnancy when your baby is developing at a huge rate and important parts of their development are happening, but also, a pregnant mamma has to do whatever the have to do to get through the day am I right?

I found that the thought of veggies and salad was so off putting I would be gagging just thinking about eating them. So apart from sneaky drive throughs, my diet consisted of meat and potatoes, and when I was at work, beef Pho soup from the vietnamese place across from the office. I’m obsessed with that Pho Soup and i’m stilling having it for lunch every day I’m in the office!

We went to the 12 week scan feeling excited but also a little nervous, hoping that everything was developing along normally, also I was pretty paranoid that the radiographer would tell us that it was twins! There are some twins in my family so it was always in the back of my mind that it could happen to us! Going from 1 to 3 children.. woah! We breathed a sigh of relief when we were told “just one” and that the baby looked happy and healthy in there. We also did the NIPT test which is a blood test that screens for various genetic abnormalities including Downs Syndrome. The results were phoned through to me a few days later and everything has come back completely normal.

So we ended the first trimester feeling really happy that everything was going well, the nausea has continued on but it’s definitely getting better by the week, so hopefully it will be completely gone soon. I’m excited to start telling Percy about the baby and watch him become a big brother, he’s such a nurturing caring little guy I know he will be amazing.

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