Trimester 2 and 3 with Evie Maeve.

I sat down at my computer to write out our birth story as she's now 11 weeks old and I'm scared i'll forget things if I don't write it down. Then I realised I wrote about my first trimester but not about my second or third! So I will try to document it all and split the pregnancy birth into two posts so it's not too long and boring!

The reason I didn't write anything down at the time was probably because it was a really hard slog for me. Pregnancy when you have a toddler is hard in itself but I also had a multitude if hurdles to get though before it was time to meet the little one.

The beginning of the second trimester marked the return of pelvic instability, or pubis symphysis disorder is the technical term. I suffered from it quite badly with my pregnancy with Percy to the point where I couldn't walk very well or very far it was too painful at the end. When the familiar pain started to return I felt determined not to let it get as bas as it did that time, so I started seeing an Osteopath every fortnight for the rest of the pregnancy. It was expensive but I'm sure it was the only thing that kept me mobile and able to run around after Percy. Every fortnight I would go to see Steph and Growing Bones In Yarraville and she would work her magic and leave me feeling so much better pain wise. She really was my saving grace throughout the pregnancy.

I had to stop teaching my Mums and Bubs Pilates classes at around 24 weeks because i was finding that I couldn't demonstrate most of the exercises anymore, and that's an issue when you need to make sure everyone in the class is being safe. It was my only form of exercise at the time, but I knew I needed to keep my pelvis moving to maintain strength and mobility, so I decided with Steph's blessing to get in the pool.

I started going to the pool 2-3 times a week before work as I was working from home at this point, and Aidan was taking Percy in to daycare. I would do some basic walking through the water and walking backwards, then some leg lifts and squats on the side of the pool and cycling my legs as well. I stuck out like a sore thumb at the pool every morning with my huge belly but I didn't care. By the end the old ladies that went to the pool every morning would chat to me and try to guess when I would give birth and if they would or wouldn't see me again.

At around 18 weeks I was still feeling quite nauseous but one night I started to feel really bad, and then started to throw up consistently throughout the night. At the same time my tonsils began to feel red hot and I felt feverish. I couldn't stop vomiting, and so I ended up at the Royal Women's emergency room. I'd come down with another bout of Tonsilitis. This would be the third time in 2018 that i'd had it. I was so frustrated because it meant another round of antibiotics, which i really hate because I know how taking them affects gut health, and also some studies show that antibiotic use in pregnancy can lead to weakened tooth enamel for the baby. There was not much I could do but take them at that point as it was so bad.

It was at this point I started seeing my wonderful Naturopath Renee from Westside Wellness. Together we came up with a plan including nutrient and herbal supplementation to try and strengthen my weak immune system. We did a lot of work around liver clearing and killing off the bacteria sights on my tonsils where the bacteria is likely to grow back if I get reinfected. The plan really worked because I didn't have another bout of tonsilitis. I did get run down towards the end of the pregnancy and got a bad cold and sore throat, but nothing like tonsilitis.

The rest of the second trimester was mainly really good however. The hangover feeling left and I had a good amount of energy again. I was working from home so was able to really manage the pelvic pain by sitting on a Swiss ball when i was at my computer, as well as avoiding having to stand on trains and walk a lot to get to the office.

I started feeling excited to meet this little one. Up until this point life had been so busy with the house move, caring for Percy, work and everything else that life brings with it I felt like I was kind of forgetting to give myself time to think about life with another bub, not to mention the birth! I re- read Ina May Gaskin's book Guide to Childbirth which I read when I was pregnant with Percy, and I also read Rhea Dempseys book Birth With Confidence which really resonated with me. Both of these women (midwife and childbirth educators) talk about the body's ability to give birth without the need for interventions

The third trimester came and with it I saw my energy drain away. Back to the hangover feeling from the first trimester. Somedays I couldn't wait to go on maternity leave. I was napping on my lunch break and on my days with Percy I was finding myself asleep on the couch in little spurts until Percy would notice and come and wake me! Luckily he was still having a day nap at this point so I would put him to bed and put myself to bed!

I reached 37 weeks and started having some pre labour pains. There was a couple of times where I actually called my midwife and said "this is it" for it to just slow down and stop altogether. Each time it happened I would get my hopes up that labour was coming on, and then get so disappointed when it didn't happen. I reached 40 weeks and I was still pregnant. I always thought I would be late to start labour, with Percy I was induced at 41 weeks, but because of all the pre labour pains I was having I started to convince myself that I would be early this time. So reaching 40 weeks was hard to take.

I was determined to not have to be induced this time, as last time it was a pretty crappy experience ending with a baby in distress and an epidural so flat on my back the whole time. I know it could have been so much worse but it just wasn't what I wanted for us. So this time I told my midwife that I wanted to wait as long as possible. At the Royal Women's 10 days over is standard for induction, however if you're insistent and agree to monitoring you can reach 14 days past due date as the latest before an induction is on the cards.

Those two weeks were the biggest mental test I have ever experienced. SO many times I thought about giving in and asking to be induced, but then I would think about what I really wanted and would I regret not waiting it out, and the answer was always that I would.

I woke up 12 days overdue still pregnant. I was pretty shattered. Induction was booked for the next morning at 7am because it was a Saturday. Inductions aren't scheduled for Sundays which was my actual latest date possible, because they don't put enough staff on to cover if something were to happen and cesarean was required. I found this really disappointing but let it go as there was no way I could change that. Although I was upset that it looked like I was going to be induced after all, I tried to get excited that I was finally going to meet our baby, and I wasn't going to be pregnant any more! We spent that day at home as the three of us, and just tried to enjoy the day without thinking too much about the next day.

I'll wrote a post about the birth in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned and make sure you sign up to my mailing list to make sure you don't miss it, as well as heaps of other goodness like my free 7 Day Rebalance Ebook, full of great recipes, a meal plan and shopping list to make rebooting your health super easy.

XX Mel

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