My natural skin and personal care favourites.

Over the last few years I have been making a conscious effort to buy products that are less harmful to the environment and to myself, and more aligned to my values of treating my body as well as I can, it's the only one I've got.

There are many carcinogenic chemicals found in a lot of the mainstream products on the market today, including aluminium commonly found in deodorants to essentially plug pores to stop them from sweating, different types of parabens to extend shelf life of products that can wreak havoc on hormones. There are others, too many to mention really.

My journey towards switching to more natural products began when I first became pregnant with my firstborn Percy. It began to not sit well with me that these types of harmful chemicals, which would be absorbed through my skin, would cross the placenta. Even in a small amount this didn't feel right for me.

The first product I became acutely aware of about this was my deodorant. I used a common known brand of deodorant that frankly, didn't do a great job of stopping me from sweating anyway. So I decided to try some natural alternatives. It made me pretty nervous honestly, I didn't want smell! And natural deodorants have had a bad rap in the past for just not working and the person using them stinking out the whole office. I didn't want that to be me. I tried a few different ones to varying success before I stumbled upon No Pong somewhere on facebook. It was a new product and it seemed worth a shot, it's definitely cheaper than some of the natural brands out there. So i ordered it online and I haven't looked back since. No Pong doesn't stop you from sweating, which is a good thing for your body, it neutralises the odour wonderfully. I found that after just a couple of weeks the amount of sweat i produced dropped dramatically because my body was no longer having to fight with my deodorant to allow sweat to break through my pores. I honestly have no sweat patches, ever.

Heres a run down of the other products I've chosen to feature in my short list:

Nude by Nature Pressed mineral bronzer. I love this bronzer- i love the colour itself and the fact that a little goes a long way when it comes to contouring my face. It has good staying power too and good coverage.

Nude by Nature BB cream. I wear this pretty much every day after moisturising. It gives my skin a lovely glow and a little coverage which I like as I don't like to look to made up, especially if i'm just going to the park or the shops. When I want more coverage I use this and then top it with the Nude by Nature pressed mineral powder foundation and then a little bronzer and blush.

Sukin Organic rose hip oil. I was told by a beautician after Evie was born to start putting a rose hip oil on my skin before moisturising as my skin was just so dry! I had this one in the cupboard already but hadn't really used it, so I pulled it out and haven't looked back I really love it. It sinks right in to my thirsty skin and i think has really helped even out my skin tone. It's now part of my morning skincare routine.

Go-To Zincredible Tinted daily moisturiser. I use this one when I know i'm going to be venturing outside. Even in winter. It contains zinc as a natural barrier to the sun and is therefore SPF 15 and protects against UVA and UVB rays damage to the skin. I have really fair skin and will burn in 5 minutes in summertime so i need to be really careful. I find other SPF moisturisers greasy but not particularly moisturising. This one feels amazing and is a great primer for makeup. I love it!

Grown Alchemist Hydra-Repair Day Cream. A good friend got me on this brand when I notices a visible improvement in her skin. This brand, while a little on the expensive side, is good quality and the product lasts a long time as a little goes a long way. I wear this daily and my skin is moisturised yet not greasy, even toned and glowy. Grown Alchemist use all botanical ingredients and leaves out all of the chemicals found in mainstream brands.

Grown Alchemist Regenerating Night Cream. This is the most expensive product I own. (I got it for my birthday, thanks Mum!) I absolutely love everything about this one. It feels so nourishing when i put it on before bed and when I wake up I see a noticeable difference in how even my skin tone looks. The ingredients help to restore skin elasticity. It's not heavy like other night creams and I've never experienced a breakout from it being too clogging like others I have tried.

Miss Frankie Nail Polish. I have the colour crushing on you. This nail polish is breathable and doesn't contain common toxic ingredients that most nail polishes on the market do such as formaldehyde and Dibutyl phthalate that are awful for our hormones and have been linked to cancer. All the colours are beautiful (I want them all!) and they do last while before chipping, even on me with constant hand washing from changing two kid's nappies and all the rest.

Salus Calendula & Shea Butter Hydrating Body Cream. This body lotion feel so luxuriously thick, yet sinks in to the skin so nicely and is so moisturising. The calendula is great for soothing skin it smells amazing. I've been using this one for over a year I keep re-ordering it.

O&M Seven Day Miracle Moisture Mask. My hairdresser got me on to this one becuase even though I have oily roots I have dry ends and can get a bit frizzy in winter. This is perfect for putting moisture back in and smoothing the ends. I use it about 3 times a week currently as my conditioner and I just love it.

TOM Organic Tampons. So these obviously aren't skincare, but they are super important to mention I feel. Every month we put tampons into our body, (or use pads ie cups) and some of the mainstream brands contain chemicals and plastics that leech out into our bloodstream. Not great for our hormones and also pretty high in the carcinogenic factor as well. TOM are completely synthetic free and 100% organic so I feel good knowing i'm doing the right thing for my health when i use them. Plus they are a really good quality product!

So that's a wrap on my product reviews. I will add that none of these products were gifted to me and I have not been paid for my opinion (i'm not important enough for that haha!) So you can be sure that my opinion is genuinely how I feel about these products.

I have more products that I love so if you like these types of posts I might do another one again in the future. Let me know what your favourite natural products are I love trying new things!

xxx Mel.

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