5 Tips to Help you Through Sleep Deprivation!

Evie is sick and teething right now, and we all know what that means! She was up for hours last night and when we finally got her to sleep, she was up pretty much every hour.

So i'm feeling pretty rubbish of course, but I've been doing a few things today to make myself feel better. Here's some tips to get you through when you're sleep deprived:

Tip 1: Get out into the sunshine!

Vitamin D is your best friend when you're feeling down. It's a happy hormone! It will make you feel happier and more awake and energised if you get out for a walk or a play in the sun rather than sitting indoors feeling tired.

Tip 2: Eat some leafy greens.

Green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale and rocket are full of B vitamins which are the building blocks for energy pathways for converting food to energy, as well as keeping neural pathways healthy, so getting more greens in will help you to feel more alert and awake, as well as have more energy to get through the day.

Tip 3: Maca powder.

This ancient peruvian root vegetable is one of my favourite things to add to smoothies. It has a sweet nutty flavour and has been used traditionally to boost fertility, energy and stamina. I've really noticed my energy levels are good after adding maca powder into my daily smoothie. You can find it available in supermarkets these days which is an added bonus!

Tip 4: Reach for protein and fat dense snacks rather than empty carbs like biscuits and breads.

When we're tired, our bodies tend to crave these empty carbs to give us a quick boost of energy, but they will leave you feeling even more tired and lethergic than before once that energy hit dies down. Having something protein and fat rich, like a bliss ball or some tuna and avocado on brown rice cakes, will give you a slow burn of energy, and won't clog your digestion, which can also leave you feeling tired.

(If you'd like some Healthy Hormone Friendly snack ideas, head to the homepage where you can download my free downloadable E-book "5 Happy Hormone Snacks for Busy Women")

Tip 5: Don't go Overboard on Caffeine.

When we're tired, ofcourse we want to dunk our head in the biggest coffee available. However if we dose up on the caffeine it can leave us feeling wired and not able to unwind for a restful sleep at the end of the day (if your kid decides to sleep that is!)

SO try not to increase your caffeine intake, just stick to your normal amount which is hopefully 1-2 coffees in the morning. Caffeine in the afternoon can still be in your system by the time you're ready for sleep, so best to stick to a morning cuppa.

So there you have it. Give these a try, all you sleep deprived Mammas and Daddas out there, and let me know if you think they helped you!

xx Mel

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