Back to Balance
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Back to Balance

Doors currently open until Sunday 26th March!
The program that teaches you exactly how to bring your hormones and health back into balance.

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Are you struggling to understand what's going on with your hormones?
Can your mood change in an instant?
Is your cycle is all over the place?
Do your PMS symptoms just keep getting worse?
Do you want to exercise and be social, but instead feel flat out exhausted?
If you answered yes to any of these... then this program is for you!
Ready to join us for this round of Back to Balance?
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Want to know how you can go from exhausted to energised?

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Mel Finlay, Back to Balance coordinator, with her child,

Let me set the scene for you

No matter how much you try to take care of yourself, you feel exhausted every single day by 3pm.
There are SO many hours to go before you can sit, rest and regroup, and you are overwhelmed thinking that you are going to have to do it all again the next day. Not to mention the day after that…
You find yourself reaching for easy snacks and easy meals for the family because you just don’t have the energy to cook elaborate meals.
You've tried online bootcamps, meal plans and celebrity programs promising energy and vitality before, but they were too overwhelming, and take too much hard work to continue.
You have researched how to improve your health yourself online, but the epic meal prep and exhausting workout sessions have been impossible to incorporate into your day.
You have seen other health professionals before, but you feel like they only offer quick fixes that never really fix anything.
You feel exhausted. You feel stuck. You feel burned out. You barely recognise yourself anymore.
You need help but aren’t sure where to go next.

What if I told you it doesn't have to be this hard?

What if I told you that there were really simple tools you could use to feel less exhausted and overwhelmed come mid afternoon? And what if I told you that you could learn how to boost your energy, improve your mental clarity, banish the bloat and feel GREAT again in a way that was FUN, EASY, and that you could learn at your own pace?

How would you feel?

Now imagine this...

You wake up with all the energy and mental clarity you need to show up for your kids and for yourself each and every morning.

You no longer struggle wondering how you are going to get through your day.

You can play with your kids without constantly wishing you could lay down.

You no longer struggle with PMS or painful hormonal symptoms.

You know exactly how to plan and cook for yourself in ways that nourish you AND make you feel incredible.

You find eating fun again.

You feel energised.

You feel happy.

You feel like yourself again, the version you always knew you deserved to be.

Back to Balance Program details

Weekly Video Modules

6 weekly video modules teaching you EXACTLY what you need to know to fix your hormones, feel happier and more energised and how to go about it.

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Melissa Finlay on a laptop for Back to Balance online course

Weekly Live learning calls

6 live group calls with me to continue your learning and get your questions answered. We'll dive deeper into the weekly lessons, you'll walk away understanding exactly how this applies to your personal health journey and how to start implementing changes straight away.

The group calls will be held via zoom and recorded and saved inside our community facebook group.

Weekly Notepads...

...for you to download and keep.

Weekly notebooks outlining the key takeaways from each lesson, so you have everything you need written down for you to keep and refer back to after the course.
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Fresh healthy food for nutrition course

Weekly Meal Plans & Recipes

Weekly meal plans with recipes to show you exactly how to implement what you're learning through food choices. You can come back to these meal plans time and time again.

"After doing the course, I started to understand why nutrition, gut health and stressors affected your entire body!"

Before working with Mel, I had no energy, always grabbed a sugar fix mid-afternoon, my Rheumatoid Arthritis flares were often, and my nutrition was not a priority.

After doing the course, I started to understand why nutrition, gut health and stressors affected your entire body.
I have worked with Mel for the past four months; my RA is now under control, I have regained my energy and am cooking the most amazing meals that nourishes my body. Not only is she full of knowledge and advice, she takes a holistic approach to improve your health.

Plus, she is a kind and supportive person! I will be forever grateful for working with you.

What you'll learn

...and start to implement when you join the group.
What causes "burnout" and how to come back into balance with your energy to feel rested.
How to fix sleep issues and have consistently good sleep.
How to easily put nourishing meals and snacks together, even when you're time poor.
How to eat to have sustainable energy and moods.
Why it's important to care for your liver and what it has to do with your energy, hormones and weight.
Why weight gain can happen as we head towards peri menopause, and what to do about it.
What causes bloating and brain fog, how to fix it for good.
How to bring our hormones back to balance to fix period problems and PMS.
How to speak to your doctor, what blood tests can show us and how to tackle "normal results" when you feel far from normal.

now taking enrolments!
This round starts on 31st October

Are you ready to start feeling better?
Join the program that teaches you exactly how to bring your hormones and health back into balance. There's a payment option to suit everyone!
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2x Monthly payments

Healthy breakfast recipe from meal plans


What you need to know...

Q. How long does the program run for?

Back to Balance runs for 7 weeks (one of those weeks is a break/catch up week). There is a module with video lessons, a notebook with a meal plan and recipes, and a live zoom call each week.

Q. Where do I access the learning materials?

The videos, notebook and meal plans are all accessed inside the Back to Balance learning hub which you gain access to when you join.
The live coaching sessions will be held via zoom and will be saved into the dedicated Facebook group each week.

Q. How long do I have access to everything for?

The notebooks, meal plans and recipes are yours to keep for life. You have access to the Facebook group and the learning content for 12 months with the option to renew next year at half price! This gives you plenty of time to go back over everything and you can also join any live calls of future rounds within the 12 months!

Q. Is there a payment plan option?

Yes! You can choose to pay the enrolment fee in two instalments.
The best price to pay in instalments is slightly higher to cover processing fees, but only sightly.

Q. What if I change my mind?

If you join Back to Balance and decide it's not for you- let me know within the first 7 days. If we can't work out how to make the program work for you I will refund any fees you have paid, no hard feelings!

Q. When does this round of Back to Balance begin?

The doors for enrolment opens on Monday the 30th of May and we kick off on Monday 13th of June!
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