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I was burnt out.

Posted by Melissa Finlay on August 14, 2023

My family and I took a last minute weekend away down on the Mornington Peninsula.

It's actually a pretty rare thing for us to go away so it was so lovely to get out of the city and just have some fun together.

Something I realised while we were away was that the last time I was down that way (which was for a girls trip) it truly felt like a desperately needed opportunity to "escape" all of the duty and exhaustion of life. We were just coming out of a string of lockdowns. I also remember the sense of sadness to leave the peace and calm of the water.

This time however. Even though I was super happy to be down by the water and in nature, I didn't have that same sense of being happy to "escape" my life.

It hit me that the reason why i felt that way the last time is that I was well and truly burnt out from the last few years of COVID (as we all were,) whereas this time I didn't need to use a trip as an escape because I'm happy, calm and energised (most of the time.)

There's a few key differences between then and now:

- I move my body every single day. Some days its a just a stretch, but it's enough to bring me back into my body.

- I meditate almost every night before bed, and use breath work throughout the day. Over time this has had a profound impact on my nervous system and has regulated my adrenals that regulate cortisol.

- I've worked on my gut so much that I don't have brain fog or bloat anymore, and my immune system and energy levels are way better because of this.

- I've found things to do at the end of the day besides scrolling to help me relax. They are reading mostly fiction books, listening to podcasts and meditating. I scroll so much less and this has had a huge impact on how I feel

So if you're currently feeling how I was feeling a few years ago, can I ask you to try one of these things, or maybe come up with some of your own to help bring your nervous system to a state of calm?

Please reach out to me or someone else if you need some help to get yourself out of burnout.

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