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Should you quit coffee?

Posted by Melissa Finlay on August 14, 2023

The quick answer? Maybe. The longer answer? It of course depends.

Here's when it is probably beneficial for you quit or cut down on coffee:

- if you find yourself feeling jittery or anxious straight after

- you suffer from frequent headaches or migraines (alternatively some people find caffeine helps headaches because it can help dilate blood vessels in the head!)

-you feel like you cannot get through the morning without it, and you can't handle not having your coffee hit as soon as you wake up

- you are suffering from some chronic digestion or reflex issues

- if you've got some chronic immune issues going on, caffeine can sometimes flair or aggravate things.


If this isn't you, you're probably fine to continue having your morning coffee.

2 coffees a day, I believe, is the sweet spot. Any more than that and you're probably caffeinating in the PM hours which means it's still circulating in your blood stream when you're trying to sleep. It's not helpful! If you're having more than 3 in the AM- i'm wondering why you feel the need for that much caffeine.

I've had quite a few clients tell me that caffeine "doesn't affect them" but when we delve into their sleep quality- it's sh!thouse and they haven't made the connection.

Starting the day with coffee before anything else is really harsh on your stomach which is only just starting to wake up from it's fast- and not ready to take on something so acidic. It can lead to gastritis (i know this from experience way back before my nutritionist days) and lots of inflammation which sets you up for more digestive issues.

So, 1-2 cups a day, after water and and probably with food is ideal.

It's fine to love your coffee- take time to enjoy it as part of a healthy morning routine!

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